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Wichita Falls Mobile

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Wichita Falls Mobile is a division of Wichita Falls Records. We bring you all of the music you love from Wichita Falls Artists Frank Lee Sprague, The Sprague Brothers, and more! Now you can have your favorite songs as ringtones on your cell phone. Party on.

Ringtones for your cell phone!

Rock'n' Roll ringtones are the wave of the future!!!

Get yours now! click on the link below;

After you load your phone with the futuristic sounds of Wichita Falls Records artists, come by our website and visit for a while. BYOB

Ringtones are cool!!!

Check out some of our satisfied customers;

"These ringtones is hot!"
Suzy, Rancho Cucamunga, California

"They're great starters for pillow talk"
Lori, Chicago, Illinois

"I love the Symphonic one! It's gear!"
Bobby J, Nowheresville, USA

"I'm in love with Merseybeat, and Franky"
Betty, Los Angeles California

"Everyone at my school thinks I'm nuts"
Julie Carol, Iowa Park, Texas

"On the go in Tokyo, with the Sprague Brothers!"
Chie, Tokyo, Japan

"My fav has to be USA, even though I'm Canadian"
Joey Heatherton, Montreal, Canada

"I'm always too drunk to talk on the phone"
Shannon, Charlotte, North Carolina

"My husband made me get these ringtones"
Jennifer, Hollywood, California

"I'm still waiting for Skunky Brewster ringtones"
Bill, Lubbock, Texas

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